A Window Into the Human Soul

Amanollah Ghahraman


For me Yari Ostovany’s art is a window into the human soul.

Each time I see the same work, I can find another totally new expression, new emotion, new pain, new depth, new possibility and new level of freedom.
Sometimes this window becomes a mirror that shows me things, emotions, experiences, memories that I have been resisting to look at.
Ostovany’s paintings as he says are “Personal” but sometimes they are so authentic, so honest and so deep that they can touch those common threads within us, which we can see in whole humanity.
Normally when I am looking at a painting, I look at the composition, figures (if it is not abstract), texture, light and shadows, movement of brush, and sometimes repetition and rhythm of the brush, also I look at it from different sense and I have this perception that a great piece of art involves all of your senses no matter what type of art is: From sculpting to architecture, from writing to poetry and theater, from music to singing, dancing and to opera, from painting to photography and movies (that we can say almost has all of the above arts in it).
For me Yari’s art has melody and rhythm of light, color and sometimes lack of it, long or short sentences that express something that we have not experienced it or may be it is very familiar.
I consider myself old school and I respect artists who are technically strong, also I respect artists who has ability to express him/ herself without reservation and limitation at any level.
For me Yari has the mastery in technique and courage and willingness to take a risk and express himself or let “itself” express “itself” through him and he has this amazing ability to be the Guardian of authenticity and self-expression and stand aside and let the message be delivered without sensor or technical limitation.

Los Angeles, 2014.

Amanollah Ghahraman is a Yoga Master Teacher, Pranic Healer, Raiki Master, Life/Business Coach and the founder of Jayamon Center for Transformation, Healing and Wellbeing, in Los Angeles, California


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