A Window Into the Human Soul

Amanollah Ghahraman For me Yari Ostovany’s art is a window into the human soul. Each time I see the same work, I can find another totally new expression, new emotion, new pain, new depth, new possibility and new level of freedom.Sometimes this window becomes a mirror that shows me things, emotions, experiences, memories that I have been resisting to look at.Ostovany’s paintings as he says are “Personal” but sometimes they are so authentic, so honest and so deep that they can touch those common threads within us, which we can see in whole humanity.Normally when […]

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Atmospheric Abstraction at Vorres Gallery

Barbara Morris, art ltd. Bay area-based artist Yari Ostovany has traveled far from his birthplace of Iran, which he left shortly after the beginning of the revolution, to his current home in Oakland. His journey has taken him through the MFA program at the San Francisco Art Institute, as well as a lengthy residence in Cologne, Germany. Ostovany’s medium to large-scale works are process-based and meditative, reflecting his interests in poetry and music, as well as a blending of Eastern and Western cultures. Chellehneshin 14 (2012) refers to a period of 40 days of praying

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